Gel Nails

Gel nails. Why are these glossy options so popular? Gel manicures, unlike acrylic manicures, come in shades and are set under UV or LED lamps. Gel manicures usually last about 3 weeks. They are durable, and can host a number of great designs.

Once your gel nails are done, they will last a while. When it comes time to get a new manicure, it is best to get your gel nails removed in a salon. It’s not wise to scrape off gel nails, as that can damage the nail and cuticle, which can add to problems with bacteria and nail injury. Gel nails do not have the strong chemical fumes that acrylic nails have, so are often opted for by people who want something a little more natural. Keep moisturizing after your gel manicure! Your hands will thank you!

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