Waxing Services

Avoid the nicks and cuts you get from razors, and try waxing! Waxing is a great way to get baby-smooth skin for up to four to six weeks, without having the frustration of shaving every couple of days. Waxing is semi-permanent, and though it can be painful, there are many ways to make the experience less painful.

Expect some redness. A way to help ease the pain of this is to wear loose clothing and avoid the sun and rubbing or irritating your skin in any way. Aloe and Neosporin also help the healing process. Some people heal within minutes, but for others, it may take a day. Moisturize every day to keep your skin soft and to prevent any future discomfort. Rest assured you are in good hands with our Estheticians, and we pride ourselves in providing a comfortable environment and top rated waxing services.

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